Clean Fuels in the Age of Decarbonization

Biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel can work together to provide solutions for decarbonization. A panel at the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo discussed ways the industry can begin to meet the needs of growing and expanding markets when it comes to reducing carbon. One key message was shared by Gary Louis of Seaboard Energy. “We…Read More

MN Soybean Brings Industry Leaders to See Biodiesel Conference for Themselves

A dozen Minnesota soybean and biodiesel industry leaders had the opportunity to attend the recent National Biodiesel Conference on behalf of the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council’s (MSR&PC) See For Yourself (SFY) program. The SFY Program was originally created as an evaluation to ensure checkoff dollars were being used effectively to support the biodiesel industry and to…Read More

Book Celebrates Birth of American Biodiesel

At the National Biodiesel Conference last week, attendees were introduced to a new book on the history of biodiesel – “The Birth of American Biodiesel: Biographical Accounts Celebrate 30 Years of Pioneers, Leaders and the Bold Vision for the National Biodiesel Board,” by Ron Kotrba. The book was commissioned by Clean Fuels Alliance America, formally the National Biodiesel…Read More