Book Celebrates Birth of American Biodiesel

At the National Biodiesel Conference last week, attendees were introduced to a new book on the history of biodiesel – “The Birth of American Biodiesel: Biographical Accounts Celebrate 30 Years of Pioneers, Leaders and the Bold Vision for the National Biodiesel Board,” by Ron Kotrba. The book was commissioned by Clean Fuels Alliance America, formally the National Biodiesel…Read More

Past Biodiesel Chairs Honored with Pioneer Award

Clean Fuels Alliance America, formerly known as the National Biodiesel Board, honored some of the pioneers who got the industry to where it is today during the National Biodiesel Conference celebrating 30 years of cleaner fuels. The eleven past chairs of the National Biodiesel Board were presented with the Kenlon Johannes Pioneer Award. Pioneering a path forward, the…Read More

Equipment Manufacturers, Fleets Highlight Importance of Biodiesel in Future Program Plans

The National Biodiesel Board this week announced its transition to a new name, Clean Fuels Alliance America, reflecting the organization’s progressive vision and the diversity of clean fuels its members produce – including biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. An expert panel of diesel equipment manufacturers and fleets participating in a Vehicle Technology Showcase event at the…Read More