Ask the Expert: Grease is the Word!

Feb 7, 1:45 — 2:15 PM CST

Global Used Cooking Oil supplies topped 3.7 billion gallons in 2022. While most fried foods might not be suitable for the Low Carb Diet, they are extremely helpful in the Low CARBON Diet the planet hopes to achieve. Just how much UCO could the biofuels industry have access to by 2030? We’ll take a deep-dive into the vat – and a recent study to find out.  


Rohaise Low

Senior Biofuels Economist

Rohaise Low has worked on GlobalData’s (formerly LMC International) Biofuels Team for 12 years, analyzing biofuels markets around the world, covering all aspects from feedstocks and policies to prices and by-products. She has specialized in analyzing raw material and by-product markets, appraising investment projects for new biofuels plants, assessing the impact of changes in biofuel policies, as well as evaluating the impact of technological developments within the biofuels sector. She directs GD’s ongoing evaluation of the global outlook for biodiesel. Over recent years, the focus on lowering carbon emissions has seen biofuels producers shift their focus to wastes and residues as feedstocks. Rohaise has led research into the competition between these waste feedstocks and soybean oil and other vegetable oils, looking at their supply and how they fit into the biofuels market.


Kate Shenk

Director of Regulatory Affairs
Clean Fuels Alliance America

Kate Shenk serves as Director of Regulatory Affairs for Clean Fuels Alliance America, leading members in navigating federal regulatory policies. In this role, Shenk helps the industry advocate for growth in annual Renewable Fuel Standard rules, eligibility for grants in USDA infrastructure incentive program, and addressing the climate crisis. She leads the industry’s efforts to secure equitable treatment of biodiesel and renewable diesel and their diverse feedstocks in EPA, DOE and USDA programs. Shenk brings an extensive knowledge of the Clean Air Act and related regulatory policies and earned a Master of Science from Bard College.

Room: Fort Worth Ballroom 5-8