Featured Speaker: Adam Buttgenbach

Adam Buttgenbach

Director of Fleet Engineering and Sustainability


Adam Buttgenbach is the Director of Fleet Engineering and Sustainability at PepsiCo. He leads the team in designing equipment that improves safety, reliability, and sustainability performance across the PepsiCo fleet. As one of the largest private fleets in North America, the team has led scaled deployments of electric and alternative fuel-powered vehicles to decarbonize its operations. As part of its pep+ initiatives, PepsiCo announced a goal to achieve net-zero emissions across its value chain by 2040.

Prior to PepsiCo, Adam spent time in agriculture transportation, the utility industry, and armored logistics. His experience includes specialized over-dimensional freight, custom equipment designs, and 3PL management. Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in Ag Business from the California Polytechnic State University and a master’s in Supply Chain Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.