Two More Awards

Two awards were announced during the Clean Fuels Conference where the recipients were unable to be present to receive.

The Industry Partnership Award this year goes to Diesel Technology Forum and Executive Director Allen Schaeffer.

The Diesel Technology Forum is a not-for-profit educational organization of global leaders in advanced diesel engine, equipment and fuels technology. The Forum’s work focuses on the sociability and sustainability of advanced diesel technology in a wide range of applications including commercial vehicles, power generation, marine, rail, construction and more.

Under Schaeffer’s leadership, the Forum has used its platform and considerable industry influence to consistently and vocally demonstrate support for the use of biodiesel and renewable diesel in legacy and new technology diesel engines and equipment.

The Climate Leadership Award went to Michael Wang, Argonne National Laboratory, for his tireless dedication on addressing energy and environmental issues related to the transportation sector and energy systems.

Wang’s work in the life-cycle analysis area has been used by international institutions, including the U.N. International Civil Aviation Organization, government agencies and industries, and is cited extensively in research and academic fields. The GREET model is used to calculate the value of credits for all bio-based fuels under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, informs EPA’s analysis for qualifying fuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard and will be used to calculate federal tax credits for clean fuels beginning in 2025. As of 2020, there are more than 43,000 registered GREET users worldwide.