Put it All on Green: Understanding ESG in the New Corporate America

Jan 18 — 11:45 AM-12:15 PM PST

Responding to rising emissions and consumer engagement, major corporations are pledging to up the ante on reducing their GHG emissions. Many have set net-zero targets – but for dates well into the future. While these pledges are important as pressure mounts, key questions remain: How soon can the carbon reductions occur, and is a pledge to decarbonize decades in the future aggressive enough? We’ll break down the world of corporate sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance standards, as well as how biodiesel and renewable diesel can make a difference.


Matt Herman

Director of Environmental Science
National Biodiesel Board

Matt Herman serves as the Director of Environmental Science for the National Biodiesel Board. Matt is an experienced sustainability professional with deep experience using life cycle assessment to measure the environmental attributes of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and the supply chains which support their production. As Director of Environmental Science, Matt works closely with NBB’s advocacy team and the membership to ensure that laws and regulations properly reflect the sustainable nature of the fuels our members produce. He is passionate about ensuring that policy adequately reflects biodiesel and renewable diesel’s contribution in the fight against climate change.

Previously, Matt has held positions as Director of Policy of the Industrial and Environmental Section at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and as Manager of Sustainability for Renewable Energy Group, a leading producer of biomass-based diesel. Matt was educated at Iowa State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science and completed graduate studies in Biorenewable Resource Policy.

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