One World, Many Goooooals: A Global Perspective

Jan 24, 11:15 AM — 12:30 PM EST

The race to Net Zero is a global affair – like the World Cup of carbon sequestration. Several nations have set aggressive goals, with today’s clean fuels in a starting position. This session will hit the highlights of worldwide policies where biomass-based diesel fuels score big. We’ll also “kick around” the global nature of fuel, and what it means for the international feedstock picture, as well as trade flow implications. Are there winners and losers, or will it be the planet that emerges victorious?


Fred Ghatala

Director of Carbon & Sustainability
Advanced Biofuels Canada

Fred Ghatala is the Director for Carbon and Sustainability of Advanced Biofuels Canada, a national industry association established to promote the production and use of advanced biofuels in Canada. Ghatala leads ABFC’s work to establish biofuel carbon value, lifecycle analyses in regulations, sector engagement in sustainability initiatives, and expanding advanced biofuel use into aviation and marine sectors.

Erasmo Carlos Battistella


Erasmo Carlos Battistella is President of BSBIOS, a leading biodiesel production company in Brazil. He is also the CEO of the ECB Group, with investments in an advanced biofuel plant in Paraguay, in the acquisition of a biodiesel plant in Switzerland and in the recently announced ethanol plant in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil). For 10 years, Battistella was chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Biofuel Producers of Brazil (APROBIO).

Kent Swisher

President & CEO
North American Renderers Association

Kent Swisher is the President & CEO at the North American Renderers Association (NARA); and President of the Fats and Proteins Research Foundation (FPRF), the rendering industry’s research organization. He joined the organization in 2003 and took on his current role in the association in January 2022. Swisher is also a member of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Trade Advisory Committee on Animals and Animal Products; the US Sustainability Alliance; and serves on the executive committee of the US Agricultural Export Development Council. He currently serves as coordinator of the World Renderers Organization. During his work at NARA, he has contributed over forty publications on behalf of the rendering industry and often speaks publicly on rendering and trade topics in the U.S. and abroad. Swisher was raised on a grain and livestock farm in Central Indiana and graduated Purdue University with a degree in agricultural economics.


J. Alan Weber

Founding Partner
M4 Consulting

J. Alan Weber is a founding partner of MARC-IV, a consulting company that fosters the development of biobased innovations, and has been involved with biodiesel commercialization activities since 1991. He currently helps lead the annual economic effort to examine the impacts of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) which have helped to quantify the economic benefits associated with increased biodiesel & renewable diesel use and create markets for US farmers.  Weber is a nationally-known economist with extensive experience in the soybean industry.  He also is a producer himself, farming almost 900 acres with his family in Central Missouri.

Room: Ballroom B