All Bets are on: How Biodiesel, RD and SAF Impact the Farm

Jan 19 — 3:00 PM-4:15 PM PST

Thirty years ago, farmers bet big on biodiesel to increase the value of soybean oil and improve farm profitability. Find out how that bet has paid off in extraordinary ways! Plus, in today’s low carbon economy, the opportunities continue to grow. Learn how renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel and even electrification can help farmers win big. You’ll hear from the entire chain: a commodities expert, a fuel distributor, a producer of renewable diesel and a high-profile, green city’s fleet manager who can’t say enough good things about biodiesel!


John Jansen

VP, Strategic Partnerships
United Soybean Board

John Jansen serves as Vice President, Oil Strategy at United Soybean Board. He provides strategic leadership and responsibility for implementing and providing vision and direction to deploy USB’s soybean oil strategy. John spearheads new business opportunities and business consolidation efforts across the edible oil portfolio. He also coordinates with R&D and Marketing to align product strategy with market trends. He develops operational efficiencies, manages pricing and replaces existing products as indicated to improve competitive positions, creates optimal value for customers and maximizes product line profitability. John develops compelling messaging and appropriate tools to drive solutions for targeted food customers within distribution areas.

Mahanth Joishy

Fleet Superintendent, City of Madison
City of Madison, WI

Mahanth S. Joishy joined City of Madison as Fleet Superintendent in 2017 after 16 years working in New York City government operations. He worked for NYC Parks & Recreation for 11 years managing vehicle repair, recycling, waste collection, and volunteer programs, and drafting the first-ever parks field manual, among other tasks. In 2012 he began overseeing the safety program for all NYC departments using the 30,000-vehicle fleet, and he helped manage preparations and response to Hurricane Sandy, which struck the east coast that same year. In Madison, Mahanth is focused on making the city fleet the greenest, safest, and most cost efficient possible in coordination with his colleagues in every department. Madison Fleet has newly launched aggressive programs to purchase biodiesel, EVs, hybrid police cars, anti-idling technology, biobased tires with soy, telematics and other efforts. Madison Fleet is also involved in vehicle safety initiatives for Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway’s Vision Zero plan. The fleet was named a 2021 Top 50 Green Fleet in North America by Government Fleet Magazine.

Mark Fitz

Star Oilco

Mark Fitz is President of Star Oilco, an 85 year old fuel distribution business that started in home heating fuels and has grown into a full service petroleum/biofuel distributor. Mark’s first experiences with biodiesel was in 1996 while being trained about this innovative new fuel being experimented with by the US DOD.

Mike Devine

Vice President of Sales & Business Development
World Energy

Michael Devine is the Vice President of Sales and is a key member of World Energy’s senior management team. Michael play’s a key role in establishing a low carbon renewable fuels downstream distribution platform, for marketing blends of 80% renewable diesel blended with 20% biodiesel in the state of California. Mike’s commercial success in creating new sales markets and distribution opportunities have helped further World Energy’s leadership position in the renewable fuels industry. Through his deep understanding and experience of the biofuels supply-chain and the petroleum fuels market, Mike brings practical business solutions to organizations that want to implement low carbon fuel solutions.


Tom Verry

Director of Outreach & Development
National Biodiesel Board

Tom Verry serves as the Director of Outreach and Development for the National Biodiesel Board. Tom works to establish synergistic relationships for the benefit of the biodiesel industry with key stakeholders including feed stock suppliers, state soybean associations, fuel suppliers, end-users, policy makers, government agencies, and environmental/ health groups. Tom also works to identify and access resources that will address the needs of the organization and the industry.

Previously, Tom spent 12 years as the Director of Field Services for the Missouri Soybean Association. Tom was responsible for developing soybased industrial products and turning them into value-added opportunities for Missouri soybean producers. Tom has worked on biodiesel for twelve years in Missouri helping to develop state biodiesel policies, regulations and markets. Tom is a 1987 graduate of University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics.

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