Session Spotlight

Session Spotlight: A Few of our Planned Educational Sessions

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Pre-Conference Sessions

Clean Fuels 101
Whether you’re a straight up newcomer to the clean fuels industry or just looking for a refresher, this session will cover the basics of biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. 

From Sea to Shining Sea: Federal Funding Opportunities
Fostering the success of clean fuels is a national priority. Everyone in the supply chain can benefit from federal funding – with a little know-how. USDA will discuss the prized Higher Blend Infrastructure Incentive Program and other grant and loan programs. Hear from the Department of Energy on how you may benefit from its low interest loan program – an attractive option for high-dollar projects. You’ll also get an overview on other land, air and sea funding opportunities, from rail to planes to ports! 

Mainstage Sessions

On the Right Track and Crushing It: The Clean Fuels Journey Accelerates
There’s never been a more transformative time for clean fuels, and biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel are gaining unprecedented traction across powerhouse markets. As the world goes full speed ahead toward Net Zero, we’ll hear from a rail industry leader on why biodiesel may be just the ticket. And just how will the clean fuels industry rise to staggering forecasted demand from the rail industry and other promising markets? We’ll take a deep dive into feedstock advancements, including how the U.S. could be “crushing it” on supply! 

Now That’s Refreshing! Biodiesel, RD and a New Generation in Decarbonization
Did we ever think one of the world’s largest food & beverage companies would someday knock on our door? Of course, we did! Hear it straight from this A-list producer of carbonated beverages, now focused on decarbonization when it comes to climate goals. Top leaders from PepsiCo/Frito-Lay will tell us why in their journey toward Net Zero, biodiesel and renewable diesel are in the driver’s seat. No B100 discussion would be complete without Optimus Technologies, whose current rise is positively effervescent. Plus, with RD demand booming in California, we’ll hear from Darling Ingredients, the “original recycler” as one of the oldest rendering companies in the U.S. This session is sure to pop! 

Bullish on Biodiesel, Soaring with SAF
A year of overall policy wins, plus aggressive corporate decarbonization efforts has set the table for clean fuels to flourish – and at the center sits biodiesel! We’ll hear from biodiesel CEOs on why the future has never looked brighter. Then, please stow your belongings and fasten your seatbelts for a lively sustainable aviation fuel discussion! Is it ready for takeoff? Join top airline executives as they discuss their commitments to ESG, and what role SAF is sure to play. 

The Time Value of Carbon: OEMs and Fleets Tackle the GHG Challenge
When it comes to the challenges of transportation emissions and climate change, Original Equipment Manufacturers and fleets are on the first line of defense. With the clock ticking on aggressive new vehicle emissions standards and climate policy goals, considering the “time value of carbon” reductions is key, and the next decade is critical. Hear from an all-star lineup of OEMs, fleets and industry experts to get a sneak peek inside their playbook of options, and how higher blends of high-quality biodiesel and renewable diesel fit into their gameplan. Then be sure to join us for a stellar post-game show at the Vehicle Showcase Clean Fuels Happy Hour! 

Connected Energy: Partnerships That Move Us Forward
As we enter a new era of awakening demand for clean fuels, we see the path to success is rarely travelled alone. We’ll explore the pivotal role of partnerships throughout the supply chain and how they help move the clean energy transformation forward. This will include hearing from ASTM – the premier standard-setting body in the world – on why the biodiesel standard is one of the most significant to date. Join us for this closing session that starts with a plated breakfast, and see how just like bacon and eggs, a great partnership can really sizzle!

Breakout Sessions

Chill Out: Winter’s Promising Oils, Cash Crops and Carbon Tools
Winter may deliver more than snow sports and hot chocolate, thanks to some remarkable breakthroughs and partnerships. Camelina, and winter oilseeds like brassica carinata, winter canola and a modified variety of pennycress are all budding big time as a potential new source of oil for producers, a third cash crop for farmers, and a carbon-sequestration tool – without bringing new land into production. Unlike past feedstock-wannabes, you’ll learn how these cool lipids have buy-in from all supply chain points. With demand growing for clean fuels, and the 3-billion-gallon Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge in place, we just can’t luge! 

Ask-the-Expert: State Incentives Drive Demand Throughout Supply Chain
When Iowa passed the nation’s first B30 incentive, some thought it might take time for fuel retailers to consider it. But thanks in part to today’s high-quality biodiesel, some truck stops had the confidence jump on it immediately. Fuel retailers, wholesalers and producers nationwide are taking serious notice of state policies as they strategize on where to put their gallons. These R-O-I factors stir up some competition between states. Bring your questions as this session explores successful state incentives targeting different parts of the supply chain – helping everyone come out a clean fuels winner. 

The Low Score: Lowering Carbon Intensity with Climate-Smart Ag
“Climate-Smart Agriculture” is the new nomenclature for an effort aiming for a hole-in-one for the climate. It’s taking a shot to sustainably increase the productivity of agriculture, enhance climate resilience on the farm and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This trifecta environmental policy has some real economic muscle – but how do we caddie those incentives back to the farmers who are adopting practices to sequester carbon? Could the GHG scoring system already in place for renewable fuels help get this effort up to par? 

New Policy Priorities for the Clean Fuels Industry
The Clean Fuels federal affairs team will be joined by DC consultants to discuss the outlook for farm bill programs, tax and budget policy, and other priorities remaining in the final year of the 118th Congress and during the run-up to the election. 

Extreme Carbon Makeover: Clean Fuels and the Next Generation of LCFS Policies
It’s hard to believe that California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard turns 13 years old in 2024 – groundbreaking policies grow up so fast! Oregon’s Clean Fuels Policy also celebrates its seventh anniversary of implementation, with both policies hailed as wildly successful at reducing net greenhouse gases in transportation fuel. As other states follow their lead into Extreme CI Reduction, all eyes are now on “LCFS 2.0,” when states explore new concepts for the next generation of low-carbon fuel policies. What are the challenges and opportunities for clean fuels during what is sure to be another seismic shift in the low-carbon fuel movement? 

Mighty Machines: Ships, Trains and Other Off-Road Prospects 
Step into the world of colossal machinery as we explore the awe-inspiring power of ships, trains, tractors and other massive off-road vehicles. These feats of engineering are not only remarkable in size and strength but also essential for various industries worldwide. In an era where sustainability and environmental responsibility are paramount, operators are embracing the challenge of decarbonization. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes on efforts to secure OEM approvals and ensure that liquid fuels play a pivotal role in helping these behemoths harness the power they need while cleaning up their environmental impact.

A Stand-Out Standard: Spec Evolutions Clear Path for Biodiesel’s Bright Future
ASTM International selected the specification for biodiesel, D6751, as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Standards” of all time – and we couldn’t agree more! There’s never been a more promising path forward for biodiesel’s role in meeting environmental goals in hard-to-decarbonize vehicles and vessels. Learn more about how based on compelling new biodiesel fuel quality data from top research institutions, the new Low Metals grade of biodiesel could lead to a bright future for biodiesel with new 2027-2031 engines. Also, find out how all this progress is helping reinvent B20 from past mischaracterizations – and laying the groundwork for future growth, like a potential on-road B100 specification! 

Ask the Expert: RINsanity and Other Economic Challenges  
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Ask the Expert: Grease is the Word! (tentative)  
Global Used Cooking Oil supplies topped 3.7 billion gallons in 2022. While most fried foods might not be suitable for the Low Carb Diet, they are extremely helpful in the Low CARBON Diet the planet hopes to achieve. Just how much UCO could the biofuels industry have access to by 2030? We’ll take a deep-dive into the vat – and a recent study to find out.