OEMs and Fleets United by Clean Fuels

At the Clean Fuels Conference in Tampa, leading diesel engine and equipment manufacturers Caterpillar, and Cummins joined companies with major fleets PepsiCo and Florida Power & Light on a featured panel to discuss the important role that low-carbon liquid fuels like biodiesel and renewable diesel play in helping them achieve their near- and long-term corporate sustainability goals.

Listen to the conversation between Adam Buttgenbach, Director of Fleet Engineering and Sustainability for PepsiCo; Patti Earley, FP&L; Joel Feucht, Caterpillar; and Ivan Iazdi, Engine Business Strategy Director, for Cummins Inc., with Clean Fuels’ Scott Fenwick and Jennifer Weaver.

B20 and Beyond Panel

In addition, John Deere and Optimus Technologies joined Cummins and Caterpillar to preview some of the latest diesel models coming to market in 2023. Optimus Technologies showcased a 2023 Freightliner 114SD equipped with their B100 fuel system technology. On loan from the manufacturer, Vac-Con, the truck is being upfitted with Optimus’ Vector System with the ultimate destination being the Washington, D.C. Water and Sewer Authority. Lori Dunn, Chief Operating Officer for Optimus Technologies, talked about a field trial just completed last year with ADM, Clean Fuels and other partners demonstrating the Vector system’s viability on Class 8 tractor-trailers. The B100 trucks reportedly saw a slight increase in fuel economy and a reduction in the ash accumulated in the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Remarks Lori Dunn, Optimus

Colin Huwyler, CEO of Optimus Technologies, spoke during a breakout session on states moving to B100 saying, “Optimus is proud to be creating a path to a more sustainable future with leading fleets like D.C. Water by using 100 percent biodiesel to power the critical equipment that keeps the infrastructure in our nation’s capital functioning.”