NBB Chair Proud of Biodiesel Industry

2020 was a tough year for everyone, but National Biodiesel Board Chairman Chad Stone is proud that the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry was able to rise and move forward despite the challenges. This was the second year as chair for Stone, who is Renewable Energy Group Senior Vice President for Commercial Performance.

“We significantly increased our blend rates within the diesel pool,” said Stone. “Even though diesel was down 15, maybe 20 percent year over year, the level of demand for our fuel stayed flat even throughout the pandemic.”

Stone is very optimistic about the future of biodiesel and renewable diesel for cleaner energy solutions. “We have the honor of being part of that solution,” he said. “We see low carbon initiative really beginning to take off” on both the state and national levels.

Listen to Stone’s remarks and interview during the virtual National Biodiesel Conference and Expo this week.

Chad Stone interview
Chad Stone conference remarks