MN Soybean Brings Industry Leaders to See Biodiesel Conference for Themselves

A dozen Minnesota soybean and biodiesel industry leaders had the opportunity to attend the recent National Biodiesel Conference on behalf of the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council’s (MSR&PC) See For Yourself (SFY) program.

The SFY Program was originally created as an evaluation to ensure checkoff dollars were being used effectively to support the biodiesel industry and to overall help farmers’ bottom line. As a result, collaboration between industry and the farmers has built the program to what it is today.

“The ultimate goal is to educate the fuel system in Minnesota,” said MSR&PC Director Jim Willers, who attended the conference. “We want any walk of life that has anything to do with diesel fuel to become educated on the ins and outs of biodiesel.”

In addition to Willers, those who attended included MSR&PC farmer board member Ron Obermoller, Nick Bredeson with Kibble Equipment and Dan Schmidt, Ag Partners Coop. Listen to the interviews below to hear their reactions to what they saw for themselves at the biodiesel conference.

Interview with Jim Willers, MN Soy

Interview with Nick Bredeson, Kibble Equipment

Interview with Dan Schmidt, Ag Partners Coop

Interview with Ron Obermoller, MN Soy