Cummins and Deere Showcase New Technology

Cummins and Deere were two other companies to showcase their commitment to new diesel technology at the 2023 Clean Fuels Conference.

Kim Noe is Program Manager, Sustainability for Deere & Company. She says John Deere plans to deliver customer value by demonstrating viable low and no carbon alternative power solutions by 2026. “At John Deere we are exploring different biofuels solutions,” she said. “Even though our products today can run on 100 percent renewable diesel and 20 percent biodiesel, additional fuels may be needed to supplement expected demand.”

Kim Noe, Deere & Co

Ivan Iazdi, Engine Business Strategy Director at Cummins, talked about a new “fuel-agnostic” engine platform they are developing. “It’s basically a new engine we’re going to launch in the U.S. that’s going to be capable of running on different fuels,” said Iazdi. “So you have a clean advanced diesel technology, natural gas technology, gasoline technology, and hydrogen internal combustion as well.”

Learn more in Iazdi’s presentation:

Ivan Iazdi, Cummins