Clean Fuels Industry United as One

Clean Fuels Alliance America CEO Donnell Rehagen welcomed representatives of an industry “United as One” for a sustainable energy future at the first ever Clean Fuels Conference in Tampa, Florida Tuesday. Formally the National Biodiesel Conference, the new and improved event encompasses biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

“We are united with federal and state legislators and regulators who are looking for ways to reduce emissions,” said Rehagen. “We’re also united with consumers. They are the ones who are driving the demand for clean fuels.”

Rehagen says the industry is very optimistic about the demand for clean fuels but admits they face a policy hurdle with the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Renewable Fuel Standard volumes. “We didn’t think these RVOs were very consistent with the last announcements for the previous year where they were much more aggressive on the biomass diesel side,” Rehagen said during a press availability. Noting that the EPA proposal includes multiple years, Rehagen said, “That could be a good thing when you start thinking about signals. If they get it right, it’s a really good thing. We believe they got it wrong for our industry, so that makes it not a very good thing at all.”

Listen to Rehagen’s remarks and press conference below:

Rehagen opening remarks
Rehagen presser