Book Celebrates Birth of American Biodiesel

At the National Biodiesel Conference last week, attendees were introduced to a new book on the history of biodiesel – “The Birth of American Biodiesel: Biographical Accounts Celebrate 30 Years of Pioneers, Leaders and the Bold Vision for the National Biodiesel Board,” by Ron Kotrba.

The book was commissioned by Clean Fuels Alliance America, formally the National Biodiesel Board as of last week. “It seemed appropriate, as we sought to rebrand our organization, to take the time to recognize the efforts of many of those before us that went into building this wonderful industry and organization,” Clean Fuels CEO Donnell Rehagen said.

Kotrba served as editor in chief of Biodiesel Magazine and senior editor with Biomass Magazine for 16 years before founding RonKo Media Productions LLC and its flagship publication, Biobased Diesel™ Daily, in 2020.

Learn more about the new book in this interview with Kotrba and talk with Rehagen on stage at the conference.