“All In” for the 2022 Biodiesel Conference

The National Biodiesel Board is “All In!” for the 2022 National Biodiesel Conference and Expo coming up January 17-20 in Las Vegas.

It’s the 30th year for the NBB, the 19th year for the conference, and the second year it has been held in Vegas, appropriately as the industry is coming up aces in the age of decarbonization with not only biodiesel, but also renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. “During the event we’re going to remember some of our milestones, and give attendees the first peak at our new logo as we become Clean Fuels Alliance America,” said Brad Shimmens, NBB Director of Operations and Membership.

Carbon is the main attraction for many of the sessions at the conference, from Empowering Stakeholders to Seek Better Carbon Policies to Best Bets for Carbon Reduction Now at the Vehicle Technology Showcase.

Learn more about what’s on the table at the 2022 Biodiesel Conference from Shimmens in the interview below and find registration information at biodieselconference.org.

Biodiesel conference preview with Brad Shimmens, NBB (3:05)